Mr Murray’s Marvellous

Wood Oil


Satin Matt – Suitable for Soft & Hard woods.

All Internal woodwork including wooden floors, doors & kitchen worktops. Non-toxic and food safe when cured.

A secret blend formulated to give a marvellous water resistant & durable finish. Deep penetrating, translucent non-colouring (retaining the natural colour of your wood).

For small scratches, it can be used on its own or for larger areas seal with either Mr Murray’s Marvellous Wax or Mr Murray’s Marvellous Wood Oil

Sold in 960 ml bottles.

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Ensure proper ventilation and adequate air circulation. Shake tin well before use & occasionally while using. Apply at room temperature. Surfaces must be clean and dry. Apply in the direction of the grain by natural bristle brush (paintbrush), Lambswool applicator pad or with a wood polishing machine. Allow to dry for 8 – 10 hours between coats. Applied over existing oiled surface 1 – 2 coats as desired. Applied to untreated sanded timber 2 – 3 costs as desired. The greater the ventilation the quicker the film obtains its final hardness! You may notice a slight odour (not toxic) during its cure cycle. Maintain your floor with Mr Murray’s biodegradable Wood Floor Cleaner.


Store in a cool, dry place. Protect from frost. Keep out of the reach of children.

Health & Safety

For full health and safety information, please refer to the product Material Safety Data Sheet.

Cleanup & Disposal

Clean brushes with white spirit. Used rags may spontaneously catch fire, rags or any other material soaked with wood oil must be disposed of in a seal, water filled metal container. Flash point over 105°F (38°C).


On smooth surfaces 0.96L covers approximately 10 - 15m2.

Shelf Life

At least 2 years in closed original container at room temperature.