Mr Murray’s Marvellous

Wood Floor Polish

A Marvellous Wood Floor Polish which nourishes, protects, revives & restores your tired wood floor. Ideal for use on all types of sealed wood floors, both old & new.

Not suitable for use on melamine or laminate floors.

Sold in 750 ml bottle


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Ensure the surface is clean using Mr Murray’s Marvellous Wood Floor Cleaner and thoroughly dry.

Apply evenly using Mr Murray’s Marvellous Mop. When 1st coat is dry (approximately 45 minutes) apply 2nd coat at a right angle to the first, ensuring the whole surface area is covered. The polish film will harden for several hours after drying. For best results, the floor should be left for as long as possible before use, preferably overnight. Dries to a Marvellous sheen & can be buffed if required. Always a good idea to test on a small area first.

Floor Maintenance

To keep your floor looking Marvellous, try protectors on the feet of furniture, sweep regularly, clean with Mr Murray’s Marvellous Floor Cleaner & Polish when necessary.


Store between temperatures of 5°c and 40°c and protect from frost

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