Mr Murray’s Marvellous

Wood Floor Maintainer

A Marvellous deep cleaning maintainer for hard waxed or oiled wood floors.

To revive & restore your tired floor back to its former glory… Marvellous.

Sold in 750 ml bottle


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Sweep or vacuum the area to be cleaned.

Dilute approximately 4 capfuls in 5L of lukewarm water and apply with a well wrung mop. To prevent damage to your wood floors, extra care should be taken not to allow excess moisture on the floor. Always a good idea to test on a small area first.

Floor Maintenance

To keep your floor looking Marvellous, we suggest giving it a coat of Mr Murray’s Marvellous Wood Oil to lift the sheen & put the life back into your tired old floor.


Store in a cool, dry place.

Health & Safety

For full health and safety information, please refer to the product Material Safety Data Sheet.