Mr Murray’s Marvellous

Wood Floor Cleaner

A Marvellous Wood Floor Cleaner which has stood the test of time. Giving you the best option for your wonderful lacquered wood flooring, laminate and vinyl floors. Not suitable for oiled or waxed wooden floors. Safe, simple & easy to use with no dulling residue. “No need for messy mop buckets or measuring cylinders, ready to use straight from the bottle… Marvellous”

Sold in 750 ml bottle


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Vacuum the area to be cleaned then squirt this marvellous cleaner onto the floor & using Mr Murray’s microfibre cloth or mop, wipe the dirt clean away! Always a good idea to test on a small area first.


Keep in a cool, dry, well ventilated area.

Health & Safety

For full health and safety information, please refer to the product Material Safety Data Sheet.