How to use our products

Mr Murray’s recommendation on how to look after your flooring

General Cleaning

For daily / weekly cleaning use Mr Murray’s Marvellous Floor Cleaner with the Microfibre mop and Mr Murray suggests that once a month you use the Mr Murray’s Marvellous Floor Polish after cleaning to keep your floor pristine.

Dull and Lifeless but not scratched

For a floor that has lost its sheen Mr Murray’s Marvellous Floor Cleaner is to be used, followed by 2 – 3 applications of Mr Murray’s Marvellous Floor Polish, buffing between coats to create a wonderful shine.

Tired Floors with light abrasions

First of all, hoover or sweep to remove dust, grit etc… then apply Mr Murray’s Marvellous Floor Cleaner with a Microfibre mop. Once dry, for a dark floor if there are any small scratches or light abrasions for example around a doormat or heavy traffic areas, apply Mr Murray’s Marvellous Floor Tonic  following instructions and then apply two coats of Mr Murray’s Marvellous Floor Polish. Buff after allowing recommended time to dry and enjoy the Marvellous finish!!!