About Mr Murray’s

Mr Murray’s range evolved from a need for good quality, easy to use, repair and maintenance products for the revival of tired floors, and for the protection and longevity of brand new floors.

Mr Murray’s Marvellous – how it come about

All too often customers buy a new floor and are not given the correct information or products to maintain them and find themselves aimlessly wandering around DIY shops looking for the right product, or have their floor restored and again, are not advised on future floor maintenance.

One of the biggest complaints our customers have is that they have a beautiful old wooden floor with a fantastic patina that is just starting to look slightly tired, however, the only course of action offered to them is to sand and lacquer the floor thus losing the patina which has taken so long to achieve.

Mr Murray has, therefore, drawn upon his wealth of knowledge from his 30 years’ plus experience within the flooring industry to investigate the combination of old products mixed with modern day technology resulting in the production of Mr Murray’s, a range of the best quality, easy to use floor maintenance products.

Mr Murray himself

Mr Murray’s established his flooring company, Period Flooring, in 1987. Period Flooring is a specialist boutique flooring company offering what is probably the largest range of natural flooring available on the market from all the leading manufacturers as well as his own brands. Together with supply, he also provides a floor fitting service and has a team of qualified and experienced fitters who pride themselves on their high standard of work and customer service. Types of floor fittings vary over a wide spectrum from trendy and contemporary town houses to the more traditional and classic country retreats to log cabins, gyms and showrooms.